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Auteur Topic: Warzone: Capitol vs Cybertronic (game 4)  (gelezen 1277 keer)


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Warzone: Capitol vs Cybertronic (game 4)
« Gepost op: maart 21, 2014, 09:00:35 am »

Another game night, another game of Warzone! This time we played an Advanced 750 points game...the first advanced game! So cool stuff and we were looking forwards to seeing the cards in action. Our forces:

Custom Ranged Warlord
8 Armoured Chasseurs
7 Chasseurs (Weapon Cyber-Link)
3 Enhanced Machinators + TSW4000 (Steel Skin)
5 Mirrormen (Femoral Enhancements)

Ivo (3rd “The Battle-Dweebs” Combat Engineer Battalion)
Big Bob Watts
7 Heavy Infantry (upgraded sergeant)
8 Light Infantry
5 Martian Banshees
2 Purple Sharks

We rolled for scenario and got a Priority and Secondary Mission:
Priority: Fighting Withdrawal
Secondary: Vital Intelligence

We looked at each other and both thought this would be a pointless mission once again...but we would see!

Ivo won the rolloff and deployed his force. The Banshees were kept back for Rapid Deployment. The Sharks deployed on the left, the Heavy Infantry and Big Bob in the centre and the Light Infantry on the right.
I deployed my Mirrormen way on the left (for the scenario), the Armoured Chasseurs on the left side of the centre, the Warlord in the centre and the Chasseurs on the right near the heavy terrain. Finally, the Enhanced Machinators infiltrated on the balconies and behind cover of the building, having good sight to the enemy.

(as you can see we opted for an Urban table. The low walls and walkways are all light terrain, the big building in the top right and lower right are heavy terrain and the rest is straight forwards)

Turn 1
I won the roll and started with the Chasseurs. They all ran into Heavy Terrain and the Squad Commander burned a Resource to pop a Mirage Generator to give some extra staying power. Before Ivo could start with his Purple Sharks I played an "Out of Fuel!" card, so the sharks had 2AP. Both of the Sharks used 2AP to move 14" forwards, keeping to light and heavy cover. My Enhanced Machinators activated and I gave them IR goggles to give them +1RS when shooting through light terrain. The unit burned off most of my remaining resources for extra shots or moving, aiming and firing. In the end the left shark was damaged in all locations, but was still on the table. Curses. Ivo's Light Infantry all ran forwards and he played a Camouflage Netting card so the unit got Camouflage (2). The unit spread out and most clinging to cover. He then proceeded by playing a Gas Bomb card, placing a 30mm base right in front of my Armoured Chasseurs. Getting a ST10 plasma hit was nasty as hell, so the squad didn't dare to advance. Instead they shuffled around and stayed in cover. Big Bob ran forwards. My Mirrormen ran forwards, staying out of sight. Ivo then decided to Rapid Deploy the Martian Banshees and rolled a...20. DOH! The whole unit gone with one roll. Real bad luck. My Warlord ran under the walkway in front of the building of him and shot at three Light Infantry. He killed two of them. Finally, the Heavy Infantry all ran forwards.

(bad Warlord is under the small walkway attached to the building)

Turn 2
I won the Initiative and first activated my Enhanced Machinators: that Purple Shark had to be destroyed! The whole unit burned some more resources and I used an awesome card on them so they would get +2Armour (now having Armour I first destroyed the primary weapon and with my last Machinator I destroyed the Shark. Pfew. The remaining Shark wasn't Pinned. The Shark flew forwards and wanted to blast the Armoured Chasseurs...but the Enhanced Machinator was closer to it. So instead, Ivo burned a Resource and fired 7(!) shots at the Machinator. Fortunately, the combination of cover, camouflage and high armour meant only 1 wound got through. My Armoured Chasseurs then had a nice target for their guns and blinked forwards. I used resource cards to give them +1ROF/-6" range. This gave them lots of shots and they took down the second Purple Shark. The Light Infantry moved forwards and one took a Sentry action. Ivo also gave them Heal (3) with a Gear card. My Mirrormen got a card which upped their Impenetrable Armour to 13 and they ran into the open. I was interested to see how they would take on the Atlas...Bob stayed put, burned a resource and poured a shot into each Mirrormen. Two of them went down. My Warlord peppered the Light Infantry once more and took two more down. My Chasseurs activated and three of them moved out of the heavy terrain to get sight to the heavy infantry. The three of them poured shots into the Heavy Infantry and the first one was killed. Two of them went on Sentry. Once again, the Heavy Infantry ran forwards and they still didn't have good targets (although I think Ivo didn't see he could shoot the Chasseurs with two of them). One did spot my Warlord though and he also inflicted a wound! The Chasseurs on Sentry fired at one of them and inflicted two wounds. Ivo failed the armour checks..but then rolled for the Heal (4) check and got a 1,1. How cool! :D.

Turn 3
I won Initiative. Ivo started by playing some kind of ultrasonic card on me...basically, he could play a 30mm base on the field and my models would move within 4" they would probably suffer damage. Of course, he planted them next to the Armoured Chasseurs. Doooooh. I activated the Enhanced Machinators. The one with the SSW walked aside and fired at a Heavy Infantry...a roll of 1 killed him off. The other two went on Sentry. Ivo then went with Watts, who ran. This took him out of sight of the Machinators, so their Sentry was wasted. He fired the Atlas Cannon at the Machinator with the support weapon. The defensive stats of the Machinators were quite crazy so he inflicted only 1 wound. My Chasseurs activated and poured shot after shot into the Heavy Infantry and took one down. Three left! I also played a card so the unit would get Heal +1 and Armour +1. The Heavy Infantry activated and one of them fired his guns at the Enhanced Machinator. Ivo also played a card for some extra firepower. He took the Machinator with support weapon down. My Enhanced Machinators couldn't do a lot so they either passed or went on sentry. One of them blinked to the roof of the building and blasted Big Bob in the face, inflicting 1 wound! Ivo's Light Infantry went forwards again, but their shots all missed. My Mirrormen ran towards Big Bob, staying out of line of sight. Finally, my Warlord took more shots at the Light Infantry, taking 1 more down.

Turn 4
Ivo won Initative. I first played a Strategy Card on the Armoured Chasseurs, giving them +1A. Ivo then activated the Heavy Infantry. The Squad Commander ran towards the Chasseurs and burned a resource to get a flamer shot. The flamer burned the front three Chasseurs to a crisp. One of the other Heavy Infantry climbed to the top of the building and fired at the Armoured Chasseur, but missed. The other one got two extra shots from a card and Ivo burned a resource for another shots for a total of ROF5!! He fired at my Warlord, but the combination of light terrain, heavy terrain and camouflage meant he had to roll 5's...two shots hit, but I saved both. Pfew! My Mirrormen then went and the front one ran to engage Big Bob so he couldn't just fire away with that scary gun. The other two ran so they could Engage him the next turn. Ivo activated the Light Infantry and gave them plasma grenades with a card. One of them moved forwards and threw his grenade at a cluster of Chasseurs, but the grenade went wide and bounced off the table. The other two also missed their mark. My Chasseurs responded by shooting the heavy infantry squad commander and one light infantryman. Ivo activated Big Bob and hacked with his knife at the Mirrormen, but he wasn't hurt. I activated the Armoured Chasseurs and they either Blinked or Power Blinked and fired a mix of shotguns and LMG on the two heavy infantry and one light infantry and took them all down. Ivo was now down to one Light Infantry squad commander and Big Bob. My Enhanced Machinators ran towards the centre, so one of them could charge Big Bob in the next turn. Finally, my Warlord shot down the Light Infantry squad commander.

Turn 5
Ivo won Initiative and Bob hacked three times at the Mirrormen, but missed. My Armoured Chasseurs moved and one ran towards an objective. It turned out to be my secondary objective. Cool. Next up my Enhanced Machinators! The one lined up to Big Bob did a diving charge on Big Bob. He jumped down 5" (which was 1" more than their 4" Free Jump) and took a ST11 hit...but he had Armour 20, so I had to roll 19 or lower to save the hit. Of course I rolled a 20 and we had a good laugh about that one. The model already had taken one wound, so SPLAT! The Mirrormen went next and did a combination of moving and hacking. I was amazed to see the second one hacked Big Bob down. Wow, unpextected.
Game over.

* One again the mission proved to be useless. We both felt the mission itself was also very poorly designed. We needed to have 50% or more of our armies in our enemies deployment zone by turn 5. First, Warzone is a shooting game so this is almost impossible unless you play loads of Rapid Deployment and superfast models. Second, needing 50% or more of your army there is absurd...all that stuff hardly fights if you want that and that means you loose the fighting game. Third, turn 5 is so late, you're already in the late game by then. Really Prodos, you really need to have a very good look at your missions because frankly they suck big time. We have played them four times now and all four times they were bad.

*The cards were fun! Some are very powerful, some are fun and most are nice. Nothing overpowered in our games, but the wording on some is a bit poor. In a technical game like Warzone, the wording is sometimes too vague. But I liked it a lot and the extra resources in the advanced game worked well.

*Afterwards Ivo observed he once again played very aggressively...which wasn't necessary at all with his ranged weapons. So he made it easier for me to play my game. I have to agree. My ranged tend to be shorter and most of the time Cybertronic need to go forwards to accomplish something. But with Ivo's playstyle that wasn't really needed. I'm really interested to see how the next game plays out once he changes strategy.

My Chasseurs did very well with their firebase. Running first turn to a good position and dishing out a Mirage Generator works well.
The Enhanced Machinators were scary to Ivo, but they didn't do that much for 180+ points. They took out one Shark (with two squad activations and about 18 shots!) and one Heavy Infantry. But still, Ivo was really worried about them. They had a good position with good firing lanes. But still, they're only RS12 with ST12 guns. So nothing superfancy.
The Mirrormen were interesting. They will get shot up, so I really need to up that squad to 8 models. But their potential in melee is good. And they can soak up firepower well.
Once again, the Armoured Chasseurs did very well. Not only did they take a lot out, their versatility is so nice. Blink/Power Blink in combination with their weapons is just pure gold. Really, for me these are always good.
The Warlord did well again. Having a ludicrous RS18 with a ST16 ROF4 gun is perfect for taking out lots of grunts and he can engage from a good distance. Having no Bonded cards is a bit of a shame but he is only 140 points!

For the next game I want to try some other things. Maybe two squads of Atillas, just to see how that will work out.
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