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Auteur Topic: Veldslag Napoleon 1815  (gelezen 325 keer)


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Veldslag Napoleon 1815
« Gepost op: november 03, 2019, 01:03:31 am »

Bijgaand een verslag van onze laatste veldslag. Ik heb hem deze keer in het engels geschreven, ik post hem ook nog op een engelstalige site en dit scheelt me weer om het niet 2x te hoeven schrijven.:

With My new Anglo-Dutch army finished, we couldn.t wait to put them in the field, so we packed the table went about our business
Army General: Abe
1st corps
Marshal Erik
2nd corps
Marshall Abe
3rd corps (Old Guard)
Marshall Alexander
Cavalry Reserve
Marshall Abe

Anglo Dutch:
Army General: Duke Justin (Justin)
Prince Sander of Orange (Sander)

At first light, the Anglo-Dutch army moved into position, Duke Justin had scouted the surrounding countryside the night before and these fields were perfect for an engagement. A walled farmstead stood in the middle of the battlefield and when occupied it would have a good field of fire across the battlefield. He had looked around the field and realised a great victory could be won here, he could see it all as if it had already happened, if his army could occupy the farmstead victory would be his.
That morning he had ordered his troops forward, there had been some complaints from his Dutch allies, they thought it was too early and they wouldn't have enough time for breakfast. He could not care less what they thought, he was in command and his will was law and so the entire army marched across the soggy fields , he placed his English troops on the left of the field, they would take the farmstead and could use the walls and treelines to mask their movement. On their right flank, the Dutch troops would be placed. The Dutch militia was placed behind the Dutch line, he had no confidence in their skills, they were freshly raised, some with sympathy for the French he presumed. The Dutch would be on the open field, they could draw out the French and make a perfect target for the French artillery, this would enable the British to move forward under less pressure. At the high of the battle, the Dutch were to move in and support the British main attack.

The French also moved into position opposite the Anglo-Dutch army, on their eft 2nd corps was placed and Abe himself took command, on the French left Flank 1st corps was positioned under the command of Erik. The Guard was placed in the centre. The farmstead was to be taken by the guard, knowing it would be difficult to take, these brave men were the only ones that could do the job. On the Right Abe would attack the English, if the farmstead was taken, the Guard would then move in to support the right flank and put additional pressure on the English. On the French left flank Erik was to take on the Dutch, even though he would be outnumbered it was up to him to keep them busy and make sure they could not support the main attack in the centre.

The British troops moved forward and Scottish troop quickly took the farmstead, things seemed to be going well, except on the Dutch side, there was some confusion amongst the line infantry and they remained stationary, on the Dutch right flank a division of line did move forward.

The French marched forward as well, along the entire line troops moved towards the Allies and the first guard units charged the walls of the farmstead. The brave Scottish soldiers managed to beat of the first Guard attack.

Whilst the Scottish defenders of the farmstead managed to beat of a second wave of Guardsmen a second Scottish brigade moved forward and opened fire upon supporting guard units. Inflicting some casualties. A British artillery battery was also brought forward and opened fire upon the guard killing a great many guardsmen. The other British units did not move much. A Dutch artillery battery was quickly oved onto a hill from where they had a perfect field of fire and whilst the Dutch cannons roared several Frenchmen lost their lives.

On the French left, Erik moved his troops forward in an orderly march, French infantry moved towards the Dutch lines. In the centre, French guard troops formed line and opened fire upon the British artillery that had fired upon them, leaving the artillery disordered. On the other side of the guard, their artillery had been pushed forward and they opened fire on a sottish brigade behind a stone wall, the fire was devastating, and the Scottish pulled back. Abe also moved his troops forward, his cavalry carabineers charged a British line that failed to form square, sabres slashed and whilst the English fought bravely, and they managed to push the French cavalry back. Even though the English were shaken and disordered they managed to form square, they would not be surprised again.

Justin could see his troop in danger and rode up there personally, inspired by his great leadership another British forward line efficiently formed square. They were now save against the upcoming French cavalry. Justin locked to the right, the farmstead was still under British control, but he could not see his Dutch allies from where he was stationed, he could only hope they could hold their own and support him when the time was right. Whilst all of this took place the fight for the farmstead continued, the brave and tough Scottish soldiers were losing more and more men but refused to give in but they could not hold back the might of the guard, the first guardsmen were slowly getting a foothold in the farmstead, a quick Scottish counter attack was launched, slowly pushing the guard back but when the push lost momentum, the guard attacked again. Alexander himself cut down two Scottish with his sword and was the first to force himself into the farmstead and while held of the attackers more and more guardsmen flocked into the farmstead pushing the Scottish back.

French cavalry launched themselves upon the shaken British square on the French right Flank. A deadly fight followed whilst the French tried to fight their way into the somewhat disordered square the British put up a brave fight, a wall of bayonets pierced countless horse and the casualties on both sides were gruesome. After a fast but very bloody fight the square was opened up by the cavalry and the British were struck down.

In the farmstead the guard had now completely entered, and they launched a bloody assault on the Scottish defenders, they put up one hell of a fight but they could not dare to withstand the might of the guard. The Scottish were pushed back, fought, resisted but in the end they broke. Scared soldiers tried to climb the walls and desperately wanted to escape but for most, no escape could be found that day, the guardsmen pulled them down, dragged them for the walls and bayonetted their foes, the farmstead was securely in French hands.

Erik also launched his first attacks on the Dutch line infantry that had moved on the extreme right of the Dutch lines. Greatly outnumbering the Dutch soldiers on this piece of the field, the bulk of the Dutch army had not made a single move that battle yet, the French threw themselves on these massively outnumbered Dutch soldiers that fought bravely and managed to inflict major casualties on the assaulting French troops, the might of the French attack could not be thwarted and an entire Dutch division broke and left the field. Disgusted Justin saw a division of his allies leave the field.

Prince Sander of Orange had been shown to be a brave man, he had fought with the British against the French, but he had not yet been in command of such a largen force. He wanted to prove himself to his father and to Europe and he also wanted to prove he and his men were up to the task today. After seeing his division break, he had no choice but to move his untested militia forward to fill the gap, he would form a "V" shaped defensive formation, firing into the French whilst his well-placed artillery would fire into the French lines. His militia moved efficiently and formed next to the Dutch line infantry. A deadly fire poured into the French lines halting their advance.

In the centre Justin ordered a fresh unit of Scottish to retake the farmstead, they threw themselves upon the Guardsmen that easily fought of the Scottish attack and the Scottish unit broke, causing the Allies to lose a second division. On the British left flank the British tried to stop the French assault, the French were pushing forward, driving the English back. A well launched attack broke French horse artillery and the French cavalry was pushed back but they could not stop the French infantry that was orderly moving forward.

A powerful French assault on the French right Flank destroyed another British division and that whole flank was about to crumble. With the threat removed from the farmstead and the British contained the French decided the guard wasn't needed against the British anymore and the guard units were now forming opposite the Dutch forced whilst the guardsmen that had taken the farmstead left their hard-fought price and also reformed to launch an assault against the Dutch.

Prince Sander's formation worked brilliantly, his men inflicted serious casualties amongst the French, not only had hem managed to halt the French attack, but the French were now even moving back slowly reforming and trying to escape the deadly Dutch fire. Not only had he managed to hold back the French on his side, he also had managed to pull the guard away from the British. He hoped he could hold out long enough for the British to drive the French back and then come to his aid.

Justin was furious, he had made it very clear the Dutch troops would have to move in to support him, but they were nowhere to be seen, ruining his great plans. He reformed his lines and took up better defensive positions, if the French wanted to attack him the British would sell their hides dearly.

Erik Decided to redress his ranks, reform his troops and make them ready for a final assault, while he formed his line to the front of the Dutch militia, the guard was forming opposite the Dutch line. A unit of French Dragoons launched itself towards the Dutch line infantry forcing them to form square and so reducing their deadly fire. French Voltigeurs attacks a Dutch artillery battery and took them out. Erik positioned his troops to move in for the kill.

On the other Flank Abe had decided that enough was enough, no more manoeuvring, no more cautious attacks, he gave the order and all his troops stormed forward towards the British that launched a salvo but could not stop this ferocious French assault. The British fought with all they had but they were powerless against this brutal attack. The last British divisions were broken en fled from the field trying to keep up with Duke Justin that had seen this final attack coming and decided not to wait it out.

With his British allies broken, Prince Sander had no choice but to sound the retreat and the remainder of the allied army left the field.


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Re: Veldslag Napoleon 1815
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: november 03, 2019, 08:54:09 am »

Kheb het niet helemaal gelezen... maar die plaatjes zien er supertof uit... echt imposant die grote units  8)


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Re: Veldslag Napoleon 1815
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: november 04, 2019, 09:05:14 am »

Fantastisch zoals altijd!

Welke regelset hebben jullie gebruikt? Black powder? zo ja, de huidig editie of nog de vorige?
Liefde is een schat aan herinneringen.
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Re: Veldslag Napoleon 1815
« Reactie #3 Gepost op: november 06, 2019, 12:04:46 am »

Bedankt en we hebben Black Powder 2 gebruikt. Niet heel veel wijzigingen maar toch wel een paar (of gewoon iets duidelijker omschreven). Liep prima
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