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Auteur Topic: Rapid Fire en Ambush Alley @ ducosim 12-09-2009  (gelezen 666 keer)


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Rapid Fire en Ambush Alley @ ducosim 12-09-2009
« Gepost op: september 24, 2009, 08:34:18 am »

Last ducosim we (Real, Evin, me and a guy who's not a member of the guild) played a game of Rapid Fire and also a game of Ambush Alley.

First of: Rapid Fire, the Brits we're invading a small Greek inaldn defended by a motley collection of small units, an Italian batallion and a German batallion (which would enter the tabel on turn 4 apart from a company and a MG that started in the village). The Brits had a batallion of Commandos which would be dropped of at the docks by Vospers as well as two regular batallions, tanks and other support that would land on the beaches. Objectives: docks, village and the inland-road an the other side of the docks, two out of three needed for a win.

Unfortunately I had a meeting, so there aren't any pictures of the remainder of the game. I believe the axis won.

And then unto my first ever game of Ambush Alley. Evin played the insurgents, I played the regulars. The scenario was contracting trouble. Alas I was enjoying the game so much, that I forgot to take pictures of part of it :banghead: In the first turns my two units moved forward, one of them neutralised a hotspot, the other moved into position on a roof. Suddenly a fire erupted and they had to shift position.

My units moved forward turn after turn and took care of any insurgent threat. Just when things heated up a two men SAS team showed up to lend a hand. The regulars positions and firepower dominated the remainder of the game and the insurgents failed to pose a real threat. Especially when Evin got a large amount of reinforcements and most of it decided to turn up at the neutralised hotspot :yahoo:

I had a blast playing Ambush Alley. I really like the way it works, it makes for really fluid gameplay and really rewards tactical play (although in  our game it was more about how many 8's can Raz roll :grin:). I ordered the AA rulebook, fog of war cards and became a memeber of the sog immediately. Now all I have to do is decide if I'm going for the Canadians or the Danish... (and finish my DAK)
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Re: Rapid Fire en Ambush Alley @ ducosim 12-09-2009
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: september 24, 2009, 11:20:09 am »

Nicely done!  ;D Gisteren met Evin weer Contracting Trouble! gespeeld en dat was leuk. Ik heb hier en daar maar wat assets en versterkingen er bij gegooid, waardoor het wat langer duurde. Het was echter wel razend spannend. Volgende week waarschijnlijk eens wat andere scenarios proberen.
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